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Jump to: navigation, search was created on February 10th, 2009 as an extension of This wiki is comprised of:

  • An Encyclopedia of the history of the American Civil War, including, but not limited to:
The major and minor battles and skirmishes in all theaters of operation;
Biographies of the people involved;
Weapons and other items used by the common soldier;
Warships and blockade runners;
The aftermath of the war.
  • A growing library of related Civil War articles and information, including
Current news on battlefield and relic preservation, historical and archaeological finds;
Battle re-enactments. uses the same MediaWiki program as many other wikis on the internet (such as Wikipedia), allowing users to enter information on many topics. CivilWarWiki contains both Public Domain & Private Copyright works used with permission.

The Webmaster and Founder of this site is Mike Kendra, who uses the nickname Civilwartalk. This wiki will be built by approved users from the Civil War internet community.